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Hello there, we are Dimitar and Nataliya!

We are photographic family, and our love for photography is what made us a real life couple. We love the sense of freedom and take every opportunity to enjoy it. The small things and moments is what brings us joy, and we make sure they have special place in our live. We seek the wild, the unexplored and the different. When a travel option arises we do not hesitate do grab the chance and dive into our next adventure. The summer gives us the power we need, so we seek for it around the world!
We adore the divergent weddings and true love, those that tend to be out of the box and have they own unique story. When celebrating with the newly wed couples, our emotions are personal and we transfer this energy to the photographs that we make. We are more than happy to be part of this sincere moments, when people love, laugh, cry, hug, ogle or just burst into dance.
The alternative music is the one we love, the one which spreads emotions, especially we experience it live during a concert. We are fond of the nature and the animals, and we have the craziest Jack Russell Terrier you can imagine!

We are wedding photographers, who document your authentic emotions!

We believe that the wedding photos have to be both romantic and adventurous, images that have individuality and show the environment you’ve created and your personality. We are more then happy to assist you planning your wedding day, and make it an unforgettable experience. Are a looking for real moments with real feeling and real smiles. Your story will be captured and told to the finest details and candid emotions. We realize the importance of every moment and all the small details and this is why we try to photograph them all.

If you share our approach, you can learn more about our style of work or directly get in touch with us!


Shooting style

Our shooting style is a combination of cinematography and documentary style, where nothing is planned or set, but it is 100% honest and natural. We create and capture moments, asking you to move and interact together. These allow us to capture your intimate moments. To look natural in front of our cameras, we provide directions that include movements, words, and feelings.

Processing style

Our style of processing is cinematic with true colors and real tones of the skin. We choose to process our shots in a way that will make your wedding photos adventurous and feel warm.

We are available all the country

We are pleased to make engagements all over Bulgaria – from Sofia, through Plovdiv or even Apriltsi, and why not in beautiful wineries such as Midalidare, Kopsa or Starosel. If you want to see more of our wedding photography, you can visit our wedding photography blog.

Take a look at our offers and feel free to contact us and share with us about your future adventure wedding plans. It will be a pleasure for us to tell you how we work and share your emotions.