Yana and Ivan are cool young couple, who taken from one side went standard about they way they organized their wedding, but from the other side they decided to put some extra touches here and there during the wedding day. The accent was the apple and the green color, which were present everywhere. We started with the preparation of the bride and her receiving from the groom, where the jolly bridesmaids had prepared few trails for Ivan to pass. Then we continued with the wedding photoshoot session.

Wedding photo session in Vrana park

We visit this place quite often during the wedding season and with a lot of certainty we can say it is perfect for a photoshoot. For extra amount of fun, we recommend bringing few more people to the party.

The good about the Vrana park is the shady places where the heat and the bright sun won’t affect the newlyweds that much. The location of the park, in the eastern part of Sofia and direct connection by big and fast boulevard to the city center, where most of the restaurants are located, is great for not wasting too much time to get there before and after the photoshoot

Wedding Party and open-air wedding ritual at Terra Residence

After the photo session we moved to Terra Residence, one of the most popular places for weddings in Sofia, where the open-air wedding ritual was held. The garden is great place for taking a breath and chat with the other guests before the official part of the wedding. The wedding party continued in the colorful atmosphere of the spacious hall, where lots of music, dances and games were the reason for the good mood of all guests.

Nataliya and Dimitar from Art Photo Story demonstrate exceptional professionalism.
One thing that stands out with these guys is their approach. They manage to capture all of the sudden beauty and emotion without making you feel like you pose. Everything comes naturally and effortless. Thank you for contributing to our special day!
Yana and Ivan

Wedding Photographers: Dimitar and Nataliya

Диджей: Найден Найденов

Видео: Петър Делийски

Грим: Цвети Алексова

Рокля: Atelier Ivoire

Локация: Резиденция Тера